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Many dating sites turn out to be scams nowadays. Thousands of men have burnt trying to attract ladies on these platforms, and their attitude to online dating has changed for the worse. This nasty experience encouraged us to create this website to help every person to avoid mistakes and make the right choice of the dating site. Bridestopsites.com focuses on dating places gathering ladies from all over the world and is happy to introduce everyone to unbiased reviews!

WHO’RE WE ON BridesTopSites?

We’re a young team of enthusiasts who either faced challenges with online dating ourselves or know people who got into a scam. This experience inspired us to help everyone who wants to try finding a partner online make this process more efficient and safe. We developed a platform that contains numerous reviews of dating sites. We rate sites on a 10-point scale and assign up to 5 stars. One star means 2 points in the rating. We believe our research will help other people meet ideal partners.


Every website is developed with a certain goal, and we aren’t an exception. The main purpose of this platform is to improve user experience and make acquaintances across the borders a reality. There are so many single people who look for communication, emotions, and even relationships but have no idea where to get them. Dating sites can be a perfect solution, but their choice is like a roulette. If you’re not ready to devote your destiny to a chance, reviews on bridestopsites.com can help you make a reasonable decision based on facts.


Our team pays much attention to the quality of reviews added to our website. These are structured pieces of text that contain unprejudiced opinions about every site since each of them is visited by our team members personally. They join the platform, evaluate its functionality, check the details included in profile description, analyze the work of customer support, etc. The main criteria considered by us look as follows:

  • Website design: we analyze the ease of use, the registration procedure, and how user-friendly the platform is.
  • Safety and security: our customers can find out how secure it’s to be a member of each platform.
  • Privacy: users can learn whether their personal data is protected, and in what way.
  • Cost of services: users should have a clear understanding of how much they’ll pay for the range of services offered and what they’ll get instead.
  • Other users’ reviews: we rank websites not only on the basis of our personal impression but also taking into account experience of other users.

Bridestopsites.com is a free service that was created by and for people who wish to benefit from online dating and not to spoil this experience. Check our website now, and you’ll read lots of trustworthy reviews there.