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You don’t need to look very hard to find married Russian women posting their profiles. If you see someone posting “it’s time to have a family” or “looking for a wife,” chances are they’re Russian.

Some of them are shameless enough to say things like “Please marry me, or marry me anyway, I’m giving up on life,” but it seems most are hiding behind agency or agency single profiles. Those are slightly different. Russian agency singles and agencies tend to be friends of family or distant acquaintances. Russian ladies in the latter category can get married through the agency if they want to. The agency sets the criteria for your “match,” but the agency doesn’t even contact you until it’s time for a second (or third) meeting. For a fee of $100-$200 per date, the agency makes its first contact. The agency pays for a hotel and dinner, sets up online introductions and even shows up to the date. If you pass the first meeting, the agency pays for your travel to the next meeting and usually sets the date up for another date as well.
The worst part is that the agency keeps pushing, and often only wants to see you two more times meeting Russian women in private apartments. Some of them seem almost desperate in the way they’re posting on Facebook and LinkedIn, trying to figure out a way to make a quick marriage for the sake of cash.