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Tips For Dating Caribbean Girls And Getting A Caribbean Wife

Monica O'Neal
Psychologist and Relationship Expert

Caribbean women seeking marriage are meeting American men on matchmaking websites. They’re calling it “the online bride market.” And it’s not just in the Caribbean that women are getting married before their twenty-first birthdays. In the Caribbean, as in Latin America, women’s premarital fertility has greatly increased. Last year, only 9% of American women in their twenties married before their twenty-fifth birthday. But in Trinidad, this trend is much higher. The new bride typically pays her bride price, but in the Caribbean, it doesn’t stop there. Because of the high fertility rate, young men are willing to offer marriage money to wealthier women, but this presents a problem for some. They say that women are delaying marriage because they’re trying to make themselves the “best bargainer,” allowing themselves to delay marriage so they can buy a second car or buy a house.

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When to Get Married With Caribbean brides?

Besides these “women and marriage” articles, you’ll also find pieces on the benefits of delaying marriage, as well as articles that ask, “Will you find a man before your twenty-fourth birthday?”

I disagree with them because I don’t think it’s an either/or situation. I think that if women focus on finding the right men and dating the right men for the right reasons, they’ll meet men who they can have a relationship with. And once you do, and you find.