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What Motivates Colombian Women To Date Foreigners?

Monica O'Neal
Psychologist and Relationship Expert

The number of Colombian women for marriage increases every year, along with their popularity among men searching for partners for dating and making a family. Such a desire of Colombian women to find a boyfriend or a husband abroad is determined by economic, social, and cultural factors. If you’re looking for Colombian women to date, this guide will help you to understand why single Colombian women want to marry foreigners and what makes them perfect partners.

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Social factors making Colombian women for marriage search for men abroad

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Social class division

Colombian upper class makes only 20% of the general population. The middle and lower classes mostly inhabit rural areas and earn money by farming. Since the relationships between classes are rather tense, girls from the lower class are most likely to marry men with the same social position. Therefore, marrying foreigners is a chance for single Colombian women to improve their social status.


People with lighter skin are more likely to gain success in life, while dark-skinned people are often discriminated against. It also concerns Colombian girls for marriage: the darker their skin is, the harder it is for them to find a good match.

Economic factors contributing to the popularity of Columbian women for marriage


Many Colombian girls for marriage decide to find a foreign boyfriend or husband to move to another state and escape poverty in which they live in their motherland.

Lack of working places

Most Colombian women have worked hard since their childhood and may have difficulties with finding a well-paid job. If they marry men from abroad, they’re most likely to move with their spouses to their native countries, where Colombian ladies for marriage have more chances to find a job.

Cultural background of Colombian women for marriage

Domestic violence

Traditionally, in a Colombian family, a man is a breadwinner, and a woman is expected to take care of children and keep the household. However, over time, this model of family relationships provided a basis for the development of machismo, when men behaved aggressively with women. Abuse, beating, and domestic violence are common in Colombian families. To be safe, many single Colombian women prefer marrying foreigners.

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Arranged marriages

Though the times when fathers found husbands for their daughters have passed, some parents continue sticking to these traditions and making decisions about marriage for young ladies. However, modern Colombian women prefer a love marriage with a foreigner rather than an unhappy life with the one their parents choose for them.

Why are Colombian brides for marriage worth your attention?

  • They are very feminine and passionate;
  • Family is the main priority for them;
  • They are gifted dancers;
  • They are obedient and humble;
  • They are spontaneous and creative;
  • They love children;
  • They are easy-going and energetic.

There are many reasons Colombian women search for men from abroad. However, none of them changes the fact Colombian ladies for marriage can be your best choice if you’re looking for stable, harmonious relationships, a devoted girlfriend or wife, and a happy family.