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Slovenian brides and single women started messaging each other online last year in response to an online ad offering free wedding dresses to women only between the ages of 18. Slovenian women dating other women started joining in as well, posting pictures and comments online.

Eventually, some brides decided to create a wedding registry website where they could share their requirements for wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses. The service is called ‘Odjajnja’, literally ‘finding a bridesmaid’. It was launched by Slovenian women who want to find bridesmaids. Each bridesmaid profile is a simple shot of a girl smiling, looking casually at the camera and wearing either her own clothes or her bridesmaid’s dress. The site asks women to choose which dresses they want and then post a message with details such as height, body. Slovenia single ladies with bridesmaids. Single Slovenian girls and brides were out for single brides to find single girls to join them at weddings.