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Turkish Mail Order Brides: Perfect Turkish Women For Marriage And Love

Monica O'Neal
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Turkey is known not only for its unique architecture and amazing landscapes but also for its charming and mysterious women. Though Turkish brides for marriage are very progressive and friendly, their traditions, behavior, and views may seem unusual to foreigners. Here, you’ll find some facts about Turkey girls for marriage that will help you to understand these amazing ladies better.

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?

Turkish women dedicate much time and effort to self-care and beauty routine, which allows them to stay young for a long time. Some beauty secrets are handed down from mothers to daughters for decades. Turkey mail order brides use rose water to make their skin soft, kohl to emphasize the depth of their dark eyes, and honey wrapping to make their body resilient.

Turkish Mail Order Brides

Jewelry! More jewelry for Turkish girls for marriage!

Turkish women adore wearing various types of jewelry: golden rings, earrings, and necklaces. Besides, they have accessories with precious and semiprecious stones that, according to numerous Turkish legends and beliefs, have supernatural power. Therefore, if you want to make presents for Turkish mail order brides, you can buy jewels and be unalarmed about the girls’ reaction to it.

Welcome home!

Hospitality is a national trait of all Turkish people. If a Turkish mail order bride invites you to her house, be sure you’ll have a tour around the latter, a tasty dinner, and a pleasant conversation with the hostess. Large companies of friends at one’s house is a common thing in Turkey. Therefore, if you choose Turkey girls for love and marriage, get ready for a life full of fun and fests.

Turkish girls

Turkish mail order brides letting off steam

To relax and keep their bodies beautiful, single Turkish women go to Hammam—a local bathhouse. There, they sit wearing swimsuits and talk with friends for hours. Men also can attend Hammam, but they sit in a room separated from the one for women.

Who runs the house?

Turkish society is patriarchal and requires ladies to be obedient and humble. Women dedicate themselves to their families and household duties. Despite a widespread opinion that such gender roles division is imposed on Turkish women, most of the latter enjoy cooking, raising children, and performing household duties and don’t want to fight for the right to be a leader in the family.

Turkish Brides

Religion of Turkish mail order brides

Most Turkish mail order brides are Muslims, which means they have to pray several times a day and fast during Ramadan. Sometimes, marrying men from abroad, Turkish girls adopt their husbands’ religions. However, if they decide not to do it, you’re expected to respect their choice.

Unusual facts to know

  • The “O” gesture is used to show homosexuality
  • Pointing the finger at people is rude
  • Clicking one’s tongue expresses discontent
  • Staring at people is inappropriate