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Historical background of Polish wedding

Chronicle of Mazaracz: chronicle about 800 years of Krakow by Mirosław Rzewuski on the night between 22–23 September 1508 during which Poles founded their first church and burned down the local Dominican Monastery.

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The distinguished Italian botanist Pietro Badruzzo travels the Middle East, also living in Turkey during 1605, he discusses the traditions related to marriage among Slavic brides. He mentions the tradition among Polish Tatars which states that couples become sisters once they were polish women looking for men. He quotes from a Lithuanian book called Aneksiones and from the chronicle of Mazaracz. Polish bride and date a polish girl who had married a Polish husband in Kashkar in modern Azerbaijan is documented in the account of Polish woman who married to a Russian commander in 1600. A Jewish woman from Istanbul married a Polish Polish prince.