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Looking For A Greek Wife? Here’s What You Need To Know

Monica O'Neal
Psychologist and Relationship Expert

The unusual Mediterranean appearance type of Greek ladies has been attracting men from all over the world for centuries. The images of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and Helen, the Queen of Sparta, impersonate the beauty of all Greek girls. However, in addition to pretty faces, Greek mail order brides have many other virtues along with a few weaknesses, and this guide will discuss the main ones of them. Forewarned is forearmed!

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Virtues of Greek women for marriage

Legendary beauty

Though Greece is located in Europe, the appearance of girls living in this country differs from the way ladies from America, and Central and Northern Europe look. Greek mail order brides are mainly of Mediterranean type: they have thick dark brown or black hair, tanned skin, and light grey, blue, or green eyes. Greece girls for marriage are well-built and have hourglass figures with wide hips and wasp waists.

Real foodies

Greek ladies enjoy eating and know how to prepare a nice dinner. Mediterranean cuisine is exclusively tasty and healthy. So, you can enjoy your Greek mail order bride’s master dishes without counting calories.

Caring and loving ladies

Greece girls for marriage have traditional views on love and family. When choosing between making a career and dedicating time to her family, a Greek mail order bride will choose the latter without any hesitation.

Greek woman

Serious relationships views

Though it may be challenging to win Greek girls’ affection, when they’re in relationships, Greek girls will never allow themselves to flirt with other men.

Good sense of humor

Greek mail order brides are always in good spirits and have numerous funny stories to entertain you.

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Surprising facts about Greek mail order brides

  • They spit all the time to deter evils;
  • They gesture much while speaking;
  • If their husbands die, they’ll wear black till the end of their life;
  • When asked about their age, they add an extra year to the actual figure;
  • They trust in fortune-telling;
  • They love secrets and gossips.

Greek mail order brides have some traits that you may find unusual, but it is what contributes to their uniqueness. Greek women dating is likely to become one of your most unforgettable love adventures.