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Busting Myths About Puerto Rican Women For Marriage And Dating

Monica O'Neal
Psychologist and Relationship Expert

Puerto Rican mail order brides, like most Latin American women, are known for their exotic beauty and sexuality. Still, the history of the state has left a mark on the way of life and worldview of local women. Puerto Rico was an American colony for many years and now is officially an American state. There are a considerable number of myths about Puerto Rican women for marriage, and this review will bust or prove the most popular of them.

Why Puerto Rican mail order brides prefer engaging with foreign men?

Puerto Rico is the poorest state of the United States but the richest state of Latin America. Many single Puerto Rican women work for huge American corporations and get fair wages.

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No proper education

As American citizens, all Puerto Ricans have the right to get higher education in American colleges and Universities. Puerto Rican girls are decent students and often gain scholarships that cover their expenses for studies. Besides, to get a well-paid job, a degree is usually required, which also motivates Puerto Rican brides to study hard. By the way, a Puerto Rican woman, Olga D. González-Sanabria, occupies the highest rank among all Latin Americans working for NASA.

Puerto Rican Women

Uneasy in communication

Though most people in Puerto Rico speak Spanish, English is an official language here. Therefore, you won’t have any language barrier in Puerto Rican women dating.

Dependent on men

Puerto Rico was among the first American colonies where the suffragette movement started. Puerto Rican women serve in the United States Army, become senators and lawyers, work as NASA top engineers and astronauts. Puerto Rican women are strong-willed and independent, but it doesn’t prevent them from being feminine, caring, and kind-hearted.

Too religious

Most Puerto Ricans are Catholics, and nearly one-third of them are Protestants. On Sunday, you can meet single Puerto Rican women in the church. Nevertheless, Puerto Rican girls’ faith doesn’t impact their progressive worldview.

Average Latin American women looks

The population of Puerto Rico isn’t homogeneous and is a mixture of the Spanish, Tainos, and Africans. Therefore, Puerto Rican single women’s beauty is truly unique. Their skin tone ranges from olive to dark, their eyes are usually brown or black, and their hair is thick and dark.

Puerto Rican mail order brides

Here is a list of some famous Puerto Rican women. Look up their photos on the Internet to see how attractive single Puerto Rican women are.

  • Jennifer Lopes (actress, film director, singer);
  • Rosario Dawson (singer, actress, political activist);
  • La La Anthony (actress, producer, celebrity);
  • Joan Smalls (model);
  • Aubrey Plaza (actress, producer).

Puerto Rico dating and marriage aren’t safe

Puerto Rico is a state with a high crime rate. Therefore, tourists should avoid moving around cities alone. Nevertheless, it’s absolutely safe to meet Puerto Rican mail order brides online.